Here’s to the Experience Seekers

Experience seeker summarizes my two and a half minute video that took me three months to create (learning to drone, combining some of my favorite quotes into one story, traveling to Iceland for footage and then putting it all together). Three months may seem like a long time, but it’s really a reflection of what I’ve learned over the past ten years. Summarizing those ten years into two words was a little more difficult than I originally thought, but it works and it really defines who I am today and what my brand represents. Here’s why.

The biggest thing I realized was to never stop experiencing the world. There’s never a perfect time to start anything and you can always find an excuse to justify procrastination. That’s going to lead to regret though, which is a much worse feeling than failure. Everyone has dreams, goals, aspirations and all those other feel good words that make people feel full of hope. Those mean nothing without experiences.

If you do nothing then you’re going to be handed experiences. I’m not a fan of handout experiences because they’re typically crap. Instead, I’d rather seek out my own experiences and control my own future. That’s because you cannot become what you want to be by remaining what you are. So, if you want change, start seeking out new experiences, on your own terms. If you’re 100% happy with who you are and where you’re at today then do nothing.

Anthony Tori
I wanted to create this video for my brand, ulio&jack, because I feel like there aren’t many companies who really focus on who they are. They might tip toe around what they stand for, but I believe in being transparent and standing for something even if that means the message turns people away. That’s because I’d much rather sell my solid cologne and other products to people who believe in what the company stands for than grow a business focused on only revenue.

I hope you enjoy the video and can take something away from it. You can also use #ExperienceSeeker on Instagram for a chance to win free goods. I randomly send products that I don’t even sell online to accounts I feature on the ulio&jack Instagram.

Now, go experience something new today.